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  • You're driving down the highway with no restroom in sight, and your daughter announces, "I have to go potty......NOW!"  
  • You're enjoying an awesome concert when you realize the restroom situation consists of port-o-potties for over 30,000 people. 
  • You've entered what looks to be a "crime scene" when stopping at the closest gas station to relieve yourself. Code brown, anyone?
  • You're sick of trying to hover or squat over public toilets.
  • Every time you or your child has to go and restrooms are just, plain gross or not available at all.  

Get The Freedom You Deserve

  1. Pop cup open slightly to separate sides.
  2. Drop Undergarments and position cup against skin (see illustration).
  3. Now, slightly squeeze cup to conform to user comfortably.  Make sure cup is pressed against skin, especially towards the back.
  4. Go Twinkle and dispose of cup. 

​​​ How To Use

 Dirty Restroom, No Restroom - NO PROBLEM 

  • Theme Parks
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Road Trips